November 17, 2014

  • Flies

    Every season the flies end up inside
    Come late autumn
    Clutching to curtain strings
    To warm ceilings
    Their wings twitch
    Their movements slow
    They are not the those annoying objects you once knew
    They can be picked up and almost coddled
    They move around a bit out of habit and return
    To regain comfort
    Sometimes a warm front rolls through
    And they pound against the window once again
    Then it gets cold
    The process starts over
    They don't search for help
    Or seem to understand what biological process
    Brought them there
    They just seem to know the warmth of the sun

May 18, 2013

  • A lesson

    I remember hearing about it on the radio, two people living in squalid conditions. The health inspector saying it was the worst case they had seen in some three hundred cases. Rats, maggots, it was all there. The two men suffering from diabetes, fungal infection and other maladies, right in Chicago. They worked for a company that was housing them in this environment, and paying them less than a hundred dollars a month.

    When asked why did they live that long in those conditions in the 'land of the free', they said, and I am paraphrasing, 'we just didn't know there was a better option'. I think of this when stress is every where and my hatred of multitasking reaches full pitch. What about that grass that is greener? I guess it is there for a reason.

May 1, 2013

  • #30 (!)

    The 'News' manifests its reality
    Upon our reality
    He sat a little uncomfortable
    As I challenged his notion
    Of the world
    By my own News
    It is harder to shake
    When it seizes
    The fork from which you eat

April 29, 2013

  • #29

    I am that song you hum
    Before you realize that it was secretly
    About killing baby pandas
    Or something

    I am the tweet that was tweeted
    Before anyone questioned
    The validity
    Of its existence

    I am the club you go to
    To hear the enlightened thoughts
    Of your loved ones
    Shouted at decibels
    That make dogs bark

  • #28

    Jason bought cases upon cases
    Of 'age-less' body lotions

    Not knowing
    That some day

    The rest of his body would be
    shriveled and gray

    Except his-

April 28, 2013

  • #27

    Thousands of years ago
    The Sahara desert
    Wasn't a desert at all
    But a swampy wetland

    Then a drought to end all droughts came
    Humans accustomed to water
    Fish and other sources of food
    Had to look harder

    Huddled in caves
    Watching the world dry out

    They had a choice
    Get moving

    Or wait it out

April 27, 2013

  • #26

    She was a pastor
    She was pregnant

    And she snapped
    At me

    Flailing my eyes wildly
    Not sure if she was joking
    Forcing a double take

April 26, 2013

April 25, 2013

  • #24

    The Egyptians thought that Pharaohs
    When they died and placed in their tombs
    Would break free and climb through a various series of tests
    And live eternally

    They also thought that a person's personality
    Was entirely different
    From their body
    Or even their soul
    No one could ever take that away from you

April 23, 2013

  • #22

    In 'real' life Shakespeare was a criminal
    Named Borgue
    who hoarded grain
    and cut off fingers

    while writing eloquent
    soliloquies on his balcony

    then throwing an apple
    at Phillipe
    so he moves a little faster
    plowing next season's crop